Locking Gun Display Racks for Gun Cabinets

These locking gun display racks for gun cabinets rack include our 9 gun rifle wall rack and 3 gun rifle rack that can be mounted inside a gun display cabinet and used as a gun cabinet rack to deter gun theft while on display.

The display cabinet would require a minimum interior width of 32 inches to mount one 9 gun rack and a minimum depth of 12 inches for the locking bar to swing outward to remove the guns.  A width of 43 inches would be needed to mount one 9 gun and one 3 gun rack side-by-side, 3-1/2 inches apart.

All parts are welded to the base frames. They are then dipped coated to give them each a heavy plastic rubber plastisol coating that protects the finish of each firearm.

Both locking rifle racks for gun cabinets shown mounted in a Armoire display cabinet

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Note:  Yellow Locking Bars have been discontinued and replaced with glossy black color

locking gun rack for gun cabinet

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Both Rifle Racks Can Be Mounted Inside Gun Display Cabinets for Safe Storage

Locking Gun Cabinet Racks
Can Be Mounted Inside Gun Display Cabinets For Safe Storage

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Firearm Security Racks offer these products for safe pistol, shotgun and rifle storage. Safe firearm storage is essential to deter firearm theft and these simple but effective gun holders were designed to do just that. Over the years our they have provided security in homes as well as to law enforcement agencies, military and other customers all over the world. By comparing them with other locking gun storage products on the market, they have proved to be very reasonably priced for the protection they provide.
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