Locking Gun Racks For Wall: Shotgun & Rifle Racks, Pistol Rack

Locking Wall Mount Gun Racks

9 Gun - Locking Vertical Wall Mount Gun Rack

9 Gun – Locking Vertical Wall Gun Rack

3 Gun Locking Rifle Rack

3 Gun Locking Gun Rack

Locking Handgun Rack for 3 Pistols

Locking Pistol Rack for 3

Both Gun Racks Can Be Mounted Side-By-Side for More Guns

Side-by-Side Mounting of
Both Gun Racks for Police, Gun Display, Etc. 




These locking gun racks for wall mounting offers FREE SHIPPING and are handmade in the U.S.A. They provide affordable and secure locking gun storage for gun safety at home as well as other places that store firearms.

Both 9 gun and 3 gun rifle racks will lock up almost all standard type hunting rifles (with or without standard size scopes) and shotguns having similar length stocks (types shown in all photos) including the AR 15 with A 2 stock and some military rifles.

The steel locking bar locks each firearm in their individual stalls by passing through the stocks narrowest section (normally under the trigger guard) which keeps them from being pulled out of the rack.

They are perfect for mounting to any wall framing studs located inside the interior walls or to any solid wall.

When the firearms are locked into their individual stalls, in front of the two hidden 3 inch hex head mounting screws, it deters unauthorized removal of each screw.  Two screw head guards that can be tapped over each screw head are also provided for extra security.

All gun rack parts are made from heavy gauge steel and welded together to provide supreme security. They are then dipped coated to create a plastic rubber coating that protects the finish of your guns.

They secure firearms away from vandals, children and limit personal liability from unsecured guns in your home, business, etc.

They (including the pistol rack) have a simple but a very functional design to allow quick access to all guns.  There is no electronic lock to malfunction in time of need. It is  recommended that a high security, low shackle padlock with maximum cut resistance (not furnished) be used and placed at one end of the steel locking bar.

All three types of these vertical gun racks use a minimum amount of wall space. Their narrow designed profile allows them to be mounted to walls (preferably behind hanging clothes in closets, out of view) for hidden gun storage. They are also  being used by pawn shops and gun stores for their secured gun display.

Both Rifle Racks Can Be Mounted Inside Gun Display Cabinets for Safe Storage

Locking Gun Cabinet Racks
Can Be Mounted Inside Gun    Display Cabinets For Safe                         Storage

We have received the 3-gun rifle rack and have installed same. We’re very pleased with the product.Sgt. Paul MeQuon Police Dept. Sure beats spending hundreds of dollars for sheet metal “gun safes” that can’t provide as much protection as your wall gun racks. Looking forward to getting the pistol racks. Michael Crestwood, KY

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Locking Pistol Rack for 3 Handguns

Locking Handgun Rack
Made of Steel

3 - gun locking rifle & shotgun rack for most all types of standard type long guns

3 Gun – Locking Shotgun & Rifle Rack Made of Metal



 Locking 9 Gun -  Shotgun & Rifle Rack Made of Steel

9 Gun – Locking Wall Gun Rack Made of Metal

Our products are carefully designed to protect your firearms.  The dimensions of each part are precision cut to provide the best security possible.  We offer FREE Shipping and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all of our products. 

Please call the phone number listed below for any questions or to Place an Order by Phone.

Disclaimer: These locking pistol, shotgun and rifle racks provide security to deter unauthorized removal and offers no warranties or guarantees, implied or expressed, against such removal. It is recommended to unload all firearms before storing and hide the key and ammunition in a safe place.

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Locking Wall Gun Rack, The Gun Cuff ® by Firearm Security Racks Inc. Made in the U.S.A.
Firearm Security Racks offer these products for safe pistol, shotgun and rifle storage. Safe firearm storage is essential to deter firearm theft and these simple but effective gun holders were designed to do just that. Over the years our they have provided security in homes as well as to law enforcement agencies, military and other customers all over the world. By comparing them with other locking gun storage products on the market, they have proved to be very reasonably priced for the protection they provide.
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