Police Gun Racks & Locking Gun Display Racks for Gun Stores

Locking Wall Mount Gun Rack To Protect & Secure Firearms In Homes.  Can Also Be Used As  Police Gun Racks & Locking Commercial Gun Display Racks For Gun Stores 

These wall mounted, standing gun racks includes one that will hold up to 9 firearms and one for 3 rifle & shotguns having similar length wood stocks. They can be mounted individually or side-by-side (as shown in photo below) and used as police gun racks & locking gun display racks for gun stores for continuous mounting to accommodate more firearms.

They will hold most all standard type shotguns and rifles having wood stocks (with or without standard size scopes) as shown in photos and others used by police  such as Remington shotgun models 1100, 870, 11-89, Mossberg model 590, etc. and Remington rifle models 700, 40-X, M-24 SWS and many more. The secret is to place all of the similar type firearms having similar length stocks in the same gun display rack.

Vertical wall rifle racks for safe gun storage

                 Vertical Wall Rifle Racks

Locking Gun Display Racks Placed
Side-by-Side For Continuous Mounting
For Police, Gun Display, Home Gun Rooms, Etc.

Various law enforcement agencies are currently using these gun racks in their departments and in their evidence rooms.  Other users include the U.S. Border Patrol, ROTC military schools, government offices, various military bases, etc.

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9 Gun – Wall Mounted Locking      Gun Rack Made of Steel

3 - gun locking rifle & shotgun rack for most all types of standard type long guns

3 Gun – Locking Shotgun     & Rifle Rack Made of                             Steel

Also Can Be Used As Commercial Gun Display Racks For Gun Stores
Note: Yellow locking bars shown in photos below have been replaced with a gloss black color

gun rack for gun stores

Locking Rifle Display Racks For Counter Top Mounting

gun racks for gun stores
Gun Display Racks For Shotguns & Rifles

gun store gun racks

Wall Mounted For Gun Security

Note: Padlock is not included. We recommend a high security shackle padlock; Maximum Cut Resistance

Disclaimer: These locking display and law enforcement gun racks provide security but only helps deter unauthorized removal and offers no warranties or guarantees, implied or expressed, against such removal. It is recommended to unload all firearms before storing and hide the key and ammunition in a safe place.

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Locking Wall Gun Rack, The Gun Cuff ® by Firearm Security Racks Inc. Made in the U.S.A.
Firearm Security Racks offer these products for safe pistol, shotgun and rifle storage. Safe firearm storage is essential to deter firearm theft and these simple but effective gun holders were designed to do just that. Over the years our they have provided security in homes as well as to law enforcement agencies, military and other customers all over the world. By comparing them with other locking gun storage products on the market, they have proved to be very reasonably priced for the protection they provide.
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