Locking Gun Racks – The Gun Cuff  For Home Closets, Police, Gun Display

I once was asked the following questions about my invention and thought I would share the answers with you.

Question #1: What inspired you to create your locking wall gun racks?

One Saturday morning, I opened my closet door and realized that all of my rifles, shotguns and pistols were loosely stored, leaning against the closet wall and in drawers, being very susceptible for gun theft and small children. I then realized I had to have some type of gun storage to lock these guns away to protect them as well as protect my own liability for having loosely stored, unsecured, firearms in my home. I could not afford nor did I have room enough for a large gun safe, and a gun cabinet would not provide enough security.

Later that morning, I went out in my garage with a sketch pad and started to design a metal, locking wall gun rack that would be inexpensive and provide the protection I needed for my firearms. After several months of measuring and re-measuring the exact dimensions of each piece of the gun rack and numerous other changes of the design, I started cutting parts out from metal with a hacksaw, drilling holes and had a local welder weld theses pieces together to make the first 9-gun shotgun & rifle rack. A few months later I designed the locking pistol rack. And a few years later I added a locking 3-gun shotgun and rifle rack and a locking gun case rack all having a similar design and still within the scope of my patent.

Question #2: How long did it take to go from design to final product? What are some of the steps you took?

As I mentioned previously I first conceived the idea for the 9-gun locking rifle rack several years ago and changed the design numerous times until it was functional for almost all types of long guns. It wasn’t until then I applied for a patent and trademark the ‘Gun Cuff’. It took about 1-1/2 years to have the patent approved. I was very honored because it was  my first time to ever apply for a patent.

Question #3: What separates your products from others like it?

I do have competition from other locking gun storage products such as gun safes or vaults, gun cabinets, etc. Gun safes are very expensive with cost from around $400 to several thousand dollars. Gun cabinets do not provide that much protection against vandalism and gun theft. Both of these gun storage items take up a lot of room in closets. There are several types of wooden gun racks on the market that do not protect guns from theft or small children. Most of these wooden gun racks cost more and hold fewer guns than the 9-gun – locking rifle rack. All of my locking gun racks are made of metal, have a narrow profile and require minimum wall space.

Question #4: What are some of the things you learned since you launched?

I did almost all of my own research and development myself, reading everything I could about design and packaging, marketing new products, patent information, etc. From this information I was able to prepare my own provisional patent applications on several other products. I have also filed several of my own trademark applications saving thousands of dollars in attorney fees.

Question #5: Do you have any advice for others looking to start their own business?

My experience has been mostly in the inventing and marketing field and not so much in starting a large business. I can only advise someone, if they are interested in marketing their own patent product, don’t let anyone discourage you from your dream. You will get a lot of negative feedback from different people about your invention. Just keep going forward and don’t get discouraged. Have a few of the products made to test the market but as the old saying goes, “Don’t give up your day job”.

Question #6: What are your long-term goals?

My long-term goal is keep living the American Dream and continue selling my patented gun racks on the Internet.

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Safe gun storage is essential to deter firearm theft and these simple but effective locking rifle racks were designed to do just that. By comparing them with other firearm storage products on the market, and the protection they provide, these are very reasonably priced locking, wall gun racks.

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Firearm Security Racks offer these products for safe pistol, shotgun and rifle storage. Safe firearm storage is essential to deter firearm theft and these simple but effective gun holders were designed to do just that. Over the years our they have provided security in homes as well as to law enforcement agencies, military and other customers all over the world. By comparing them with other locking gun storage products on the market, they have proved to be very reasonably priced for the protection they provide.
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