Your 3 Gun Rifle Rack is fantastic.
The workmanship and quality are outstanding. It works perfectly with my AR15’s. I simply put the locking bar through the trigger guard. Your product is much better than a gun cabinet and as good as or better than a gun safe. I must tell you I do not understand why some folks keep posting that it does not work with AR15’s. In fact, putting the locking bar through the trigger guard aligns it perfectly with the stock of my bolt action rifles. Just fyi. Yes they are collapsible. I left my stocks on and set them to match up with the bolt action stocks. Locking bar through the AR15 trigger guard, works just fine.
Regards and thanks again for this fine American product.

Got the rack yesterday and installed it this morning. Works GREAT and any thief is going to need a grinder to cut through your metal or a Sawzall to take out my wall !! LOL ( that is IF they can find it). Thanks again, VERY happy w/this !!!  I will be recommending you to my gun club!

Hey Don,

Just a quick note that I got the gun rack installed and it works exactly as I hoped for the AR’s – Like anything else- you have to keep like guns together but I am using it for two AR15’s and it works great.
I will be ordering another soon for my shotguns – This is perfect!

Thank you,
Lone Oak, TX

Hi Don,
The racks arrived Wednesday, thank you. Excellent gear for our gun shop, great product, great service.
Best regards,
Howard, Australia

We have received the 3-“Gun Cuffs” and have installed same. Were very pleased with the product.
Sgt. Paul, MeQuon Police Dept.

Hi Don, gun rack arrived today. Nice piece of work, will recommend for sure. Many thanks,
Harry, St. Lucia, Malta

Got the 9 gun rifle/shotgun rack this morning – installed by lunch. Outstanding product!!!
Jim, Idaho Falls, ID

I gave the rifle rack a good going over last night and I’m pleased with what I saw. I think it will be ideal for my shop and it sure beats spending hundreds of dollars for sheet metal “gun safes” that can’t provide as much protection as your gun rack. Looking forward to getting the pistol racks.
Michael, Crestwood, KY

It came today. I really like it.
Gary, Novato, CA

Received the 3 gun rifle rack this morning. It installed very easily and works great with the modified stock on my 870. Only have one more rifle to go into the rack and it will be an AR 15 with the same type of stock. I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you for a great product.
Stretch, Dania Beach, FL

I have been looking for a simple yet secure gun rack such as the types used in the military arms rooms. I have pistols and a pistol size firearms safe for ammo and weapons. However, the nephews have their rifles at my place and I needed a better security system than my add-hoc one. A full size safe is a pain in the back-side. Your gun rack is perfect! What a simple yet effective design, great job.
Best regards,
Chris, Lacey, WA

I am glad I found your gun rack on the internet. I knew exactly what I was looking for and you had it. I am going to use it as a core and intend to enclose it in oak. Looks like a well built product from the pictures.
Don, Oxford, NY

Just a few words to say we love your rack over here and its a great idea ! Many thanks for shipping it! All the best from Austria.
Regards, Craig.

I am in Dallas and I ordered one of your rifle racks. You might recall me asking if it would work with an M1 Carbine and an AR-15 all at once. I am pleased to report your rifle rack does, in fact, work with these very different sized rifles. I had to mount the rack closer to the floor to accommodate the various rifle stocks and pistol grips, but once figured out, it works great! I really like the design and am quite happy with the purchase.
Tom, Dallas, TX

Received the rack…it’s just what I needed. What’s really important to me is that it’s the only item I found that will allow me to secure the gun in the closet (keeping it safe from my little kids) but at the same time making access to it quick, incase of emergency.
Matt, Clarence Center, NY

Thank you for confirming my order. My brother sold his home and asked me to store his guns until he gets settled again. It’s not feasible to get a gun safe for a temporary solution so your racks are exactly what I was looking for. He can take them along with his firearms when he comes to get them.
Louise, Colorado Springs, CO

Thank you, this is a nice product for safely storing firearms.
Jan, Annapolis, MD

Excellent service. Thank you. I appreciate the excellent customer service. This kind of prompt service as well as the quality of your product will stimulate me to pass by word of mouth and E-Mail your fine products.
Thank You,
Garret, Petaluma, CA

My brother bought a couple racks from you a few months ago and they are really convenient and functional. I saw his and could not pass it up. I already have measured a space for the rack and can .t wait to install it! I will definitely spread the word to my buddies!!
Charles, Rockville, MD

Thanks Don, I’ll be ordering one in the near future. Good luck with your business .
This looks like a quality product.

I’ve been looking for a product like your gun rack and was very lucky to find it online today. It was exactly what I was looking for. Sure glad I didn’t have to go to Home Depot and make something. I just placed an order with your company today and am looking forward to receiving it. Great idea.
Herman, Atlantic City, NJ

I received my package today, these gun racks will work out perfect, just what I was looking for, made out of steel with rubberized coating you just can’t beat that for security, a real bargain for the money. Here in Canada we have strict gun control, every gun gets registered even our long guns. For gun storage we need to keep everything under lock and key, with this system it makes it easy and hassle free.
Thanks Again
Ray, Rioux Ontario, Canada

Thanks much, Don. The Gun Rack arrived, it’s been assembled and mounted. Pleased with it. A well-designed piece of equipment, offered at a reasonable price. Hope your business thrives.
George, Seattle, WA

I had the “Gun Cuff” before, for the sake of life of me I can’t remember where I bought it, but I can testify to the fact that it worked great. I bolted it to the studs with some serious hardware, that thing wasn’t going anywhere without taking the rest of the wall with it. Fits perfectly in the back of a closet, doesn’t interfere with the clothes, just a clever idea for safe gun storage solutions.
Bernie, Latham, NY

I got the gun rack the other day. It looks great! Nice and sturdy and I really like the vinyl coating.
Thanks, Garth

Last year I ordered two cuffs from you (for 3 rifles; 3 pistols) and I just got around to mounting them now because I recently moved and waited to install them. They work great! What I like about them is that I can conceal them, whereas my friend who has a big gun safe cannot. I put the cuffs on each side of my closet behind hanging clothes, and I also put a hook over each one and hang a robe over one and a jacket over the other. You’d never suspect they were there. Since I live in an apartment, I’d feel better that my weapons are secured from overly inquisitive eyes if a maintenance man or contractor has to come in to repair something when I’m not there. Thanks again.
Very Satisfied Customer!
John, Kensington, MD


Don, Thanks for checking on my purchase.  I am more than satisfied with the security and affordability.  It took me longer to take the clothes out of my closet and put them back than it did to install the rack.
Keith, Oneonta, AL

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