Safe Gun Storage Is Essential To Deter Gun Theft In Homes

Keeping your guns in some type of safe gun storage device is a must to deter firearm theft.
I just came across this Stolen Firearm Report from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and thought I would share it with you. I found it to be a very interesting read.

However, according to the FBI annual crime statistics, the number of annual murders were committed with hammers and/or some type of club than with a rifle.

Either way, citizens who own firearms need to realize the possibly of their home will be burglarized someday and their firearms could be stolen. Then what do you do?

I have listed some helpful tips to follow in case your guns are ever stolen. They are as follows:

1. Record the serial number or ID number that may be on the gun. I know some older rifles and shotguns may have a number under the butt plate.

2. Lay all guns on a bed, etc. and take photos of each one.

3. Write down the type of firearm, model and manufacturer.

4. What is the value of each gun (from a receipt if available).

5. Carefully look over each gun and record any markings, scratches, or anything else that would help in identification.

After you have all of the above information, be sure to hide it some place safe or in something a thief would not be interested in stealing. Do not carry it around in your billfold just in case they steal it too or if you loose your wallet.

The police will need all of your recorded information, especially serial numbers, to give to gun shops, pawn shops, etc. If the thief or any one else tries to sell your firearms this information will raise a red flag that they are stolen property.

I am an avid supporter of our 2nd Amendment and the NRA, but as the NRA also agrees, Gun owners need to secure their firearms in a safe place away from children which also deters gun theft. It would also limit the homeowners personal liability from having unsecured firearms in their homes.


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