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Locking wall gun rack video shows the manufacturing and mounting for these rifle racks, shotgun racks & pistol rack for locking gun storage and gun safety.


Video Transcription:
Title: Locking Wall Gun Racks

Offers Locking Gun Storage Solutions For Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols

For Homes, Police Departments, Gun Store Display

By Firearm Security Racks Inc.

Welcome to our video on our locking wall gun racks that provides gun safety from

They include two different sizes for most all types of rifles and shotguns having standard size stocks.  One that will hold up to 3 guns and one that will accommodate up to 9 long guns.   We also offer a locking pistol rack that will hold up to 3 revolvers and semi – automatic handguns of various sizes.

Since all of our products have similar construction, this video will show the manufacturing process of the 9 gun rifle and shotgun rack and a mounting demonstration of all of our gun racks.

All parts are precision cut from metal having a thickness of 1/8 to 5/8 inches.  The rack’s base frame is placed in a mold where all parts are welded in their exact place to achieve each gun’s highest security when locked inside the rack.  It is then removed from the mold, cleaned, and then dipped coated in plastisol that provides a glossy, durable coating to protect each gun’s finish.

Both rifle/shotgun racks can be mounted several ways:

The 9 gun rack, with barrel rest attached,  mounts approximately 12 inches above the floor to two wall framing studs on 14 to 24 inch centers using two 3/8 x 2-1/2 inch hex head screws. Or they can also be mounted to a solid wall.  The locking gun rack for 3 firearms mounts to a single wall framing stud or a solid wall.

They can also be mounted inside gun cabinets to secure all firearm’s for gun safety while on display.

Both racks can also be mounted above a counter top or a strong shelf for gun store display and law enforcement use.  And if several gun racks are needed, they can be mounted side by side approximately 2 inches apart.

When the firearms are locked into their individual stalls, in front of the two hidden 2-1/2 inch hex head mounting screws, it deters unauthorized removal of each screw.  Two screw head guards are also provided that can be tapped over each screw head for extra security from the gun rack being removed from the wall.

All firearms having standard size gun stocks are placed in their narrow individual stalls.  Both racks will lock up your rifles (with or without scopes) and/or shotguns, in or out of gun socks or gun sleeves to protect them from collecting dust.   The curved end of the metal locking bar is then placed through one of the openings located on the side of the base frame, passing along the front of each gun’s narrowest section of the hand grip area and through the other opening located at the other end of the frame.   A padlock is then placed through the hole located at the end of the locking bar.

Because each individual stall is smaller than the butt end of each gun’s stock, the guns cannot be removed from pulling upward or downward once they are locked inside the gun rack.

To remove the guns, simply unlock the padlock and slide the locking bar out about 1-1/2 inches, then swing the bar outward to retrieve the guns.  The same procedure applies to the 3 gun rack for placing and retrieving of firearms.

The pistol rack is mounted to a single wall stud using the same procedure as the rifle and shotgun racks with screw head guards in place.   Each revolver or semi – automatic handgun is placed in the rack with a steel peg passing through the trigger guard.

They are then secured by a wide metal locking bar that passes through each hole located at each end of the rack’s base frame.  A padlock is then placed through the hole located in the top end of the locking bar.

To remove the pistols, simply unlock the padlock.  The locking bar will drop downward and stop at the bottom end of the rack allowing quick access to all handguns.

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Firearm Security Racks offer these products for safe pistol, shotgun and rifle storage. Safe firearm storage is essential to deter firearm theft and these simple but effective gun holders were designed to do just that. Over the years our they have provided security in homes as well as to law enforcement agencies, military and other customers all over the world. By comparing them with other locking gun storage products on the market, they have proved to be very reasonably priced for the protection they provide.
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